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Mess with the S, die like the rest

Yeah, that sounded cool

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Conner (Kon-el) Kent
2 January 1988
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Player's Name/Nickname: Ka-chan
Age: 22
Journal: sorcererhuntres
AIM or Email: sorcererhuntress or notabluboyscout

pokeheroes Shitty AU History :D

Kon-el is a Genetic Clone of Clark Kent (Superman). For years he tried living up to Superman's name, hoping that one day he could one day should that day ever come, that he could take over Superman's spot as Gym Leader. And So he spent years training in the Gym, battling other trainers like most annoying trainers do in Gyms.

It wasn't until he recently discovered that he was also Lex Luthor's clone (big baddie mwahahaha) After finding this out, he left the Gym to find out ~*~*WHO HE REALLY IS*~*~ or something like that. He now goes around doing things that both Lex and Clark would do, trying to figure out which one he's more like. ... except with pokemon. 8U

Basically he's Silver but less of a Douche :|

And yes, he has his powers :D

shitty history is shitty |D;;



Mun had given up on Comics after Infinite Crisis but is now slowly catching up. Apologies for any OOC with his personality/canon knowedge. Mun is taking MOST of his personality from Young Justice/Superboy Era but throwing in lots of Teen Titan stuff, too. Trying to catch up on Adventure and everything else, BUT THERE'S ABOUT 4 YEARS OF COMICS TO CATCH UP ON orz

Social capital

  • less than 10